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Welcome to

2014-05-27 Update:

Projects pics and updates now on Facebook:

To Upload A File:

We now have a new Downloads section.  The old Downloads will remain the same, but all new files will now be stored here:


2014-02-18 Update:

We're back!
Due to popular demand items from the Store will make their way to in the near future. We will also be offering some new, joint projects and TransWarp GS Upgrade Services.

Product support for past orders will now be handled via the Forums. Inquiries about certain items listed in this Store can still be directed to Support.

The site will stay as it is for reference purposes, and Support will continue to answer emails as time permits. Thanks for your patience and understanding, and we’re glad to once again be able to help support the Apple II Community with help from


Still reading this?!?  Well how about some Juiced.GS, 16sector, or maybe A2Central?  No loitering here!



Thank you for visiting and enjoy the Site!