Universal Enclosure PSU


This is the Universal Enclosure Power Supply Unit (PSU) by ReActiveMicro. The power supply is a combination of the Universal Enclosure, the Universal PSU, and a DC Output Cable of your choice – II/+/e, IIgs, or Universal (both). We also offer voltage meters to help with diagnosing issues, and fan options for active cooling if so desired. The Universal Enclosure PSU with the Universal DC Output Cable is a great bench top power supply option for working on all your Apple II systems.

The Universal Enclosure PSU is offered as a kit or assembled, and comes with the Universal PSU standard. The kit version is a low cost, simple to assemble option. The assembled option is a good choice for those who desire a fully tested, ready to use out of the box, plug-and-play solution.

Two options are currently offered – LED meters and fans.

  • The meter option consists of a primary large display which shows +5v output and total amps being used in the whole system. Three other smaller meters show the voltages of the +12v, -5v, and -12v lines. LED meters are not very retro in themselves, but can aid in knowing power consumption of cards, help find power issues or shorts caused by bad ICs or cards, and give you a baseline knowledge of your system’s health when tracking down issues. This is especially helpful in the II and II Plus for finding bad RAM, ROM, or logic ICs.
  • The fan option allow you to easily add low cost active cooling to your Apple II system. Cooling in most cases isn’t needed, but it never hurts either. We only use high quality Noctua fans, which are low noise (17.6dba), and high output (37.84cfm / 1.07cmm). You will never hear the fans running or distracting you from your retro experience while providing active cooling.


Both kit or assembled units are perfect for those who don’t have a power supply, want an extra unit for backup, aren’t interested in dealing with installing a rebuild kit, or want to keep their Apple PSU original and retire it.

The Universal PSU accepts all AC voltages (90-240v AC) and operates worldwide.

Note: All kits are the basically same except for the DC Output Cable included and the sides for the options selected. You break the boards to the size or system needed.

Read more about the Universal Enclosure PSU on our Wiki.

Manuals and Support are there also.

Additional information

Weight3.00 lbs
Dimensions12 × 4 × 5 in
Assembled or Kit?

Assembled, Kit

Computer Model


Universal DC Output Cable

Yes, No


Meters Only, Fan Only, Meters & Fan, No Options


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