ProDev DDT v1.0 – Assembled or Kit


This is the ProDev DDT v1.0 from ProDev, Inc. and designed by Chuck Kelly. Reproduced with permission. ReActiveMicro has remade the board to help supply demand by the Apple II Community. Comes in assembled or kit versions.

THIS IS A PREORDER offer. We currently have limited assembled IIe stock which can ship right away, and the rest of the orders are planned to ship after KFEST which would be around the end of July.

The ProDev DDT is compatible with the //e and Enhanced //e, or the IIgs. The 6502, 65C02, 65802, and 65816 are supported. It is a combination of a very extensive debugging program along with powerful hardware features, all working together to create, what we feel, is the most powerful and unique programming tool available for the Apple II computer.

Read more about the ProDev DDT on our Wiki.

Reviews, Install Guide, and Support are there also.



Debugging tools for Apple II computers come in two basic flavors. The first and most common flavor is the software based debugger. If you have used a debugger before, chances are it was one of this type. A software based debugger is nothing more than a program that you run in your Apple II computer just as you would run any other type of program. They usually allow single stepping, tracing and possibly breakpoints for real time debugging. However, these programs MUST occupy part of the system memory.

The other flavor of debugging tool is the hardware type. Most hardware debuggers have very limited features. They may allow you to interrupt programs and to step and trace your program, but don’t expect much more. Some even require you to look inside your computer to read the address and data of each instruction from little lights on the side of the card.

What you really need is a tool that combines the best features from the debugging programs with the unique capabilities that only hardware can provide. What you really need is the Prodev Development & Debugging Tool.

The Prodev DDT is a combination of a very extensive debugging program along with unique hardware features, all working together to create the most powerful programming tool available for the Apple II computer.

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Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 2 in
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Assembled, Kit

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