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The 12″ LCD Display offered by ReActiveMicro allows Replica 1, Apple ///, II, II Plus, IIe, IIc, and IIc Plus users to connect and display their Apple >composite< system to a modern monitor. NOT for IIgs RGB usage.

This high end LCD monitor allows users to connect an Apple II system and display excellent 40 column, 80 column, and color graphics. No extra adapter needed. Connect it and forget about it. Simple to use and comes fully tested and setup for plug and play use out of the box. The display comes with speakers built in and can connect to any ReActiveMicro sound card or audio card with 3.5mm audio jack.

Comes with a high quality gold connector RG-59 video cable, HDMI cable, 3.5mm male to RCA female sound cable, and power supply as pictured. Every cable you may need is included. The settings can be customized as desired using rear controls.

The 12″ LCD Display is intended to be used with the composite port connection to your Apple system, however it also offers VGA (not 15khz compatible) and HDMI inputs. The 12″ size is comparable to the Apple II Color Display size, and also travels well.

NOTE: If you plan to connect and use the Apple CRT and the 12″ LCD Display at the same time an impedance matched switch box will be required or you will suffer video quality or even no display. Be sure to always use a composite impedance matched switch box. Unit pictured is for display purposes only and the unit you receive may be slightly different or come without a remote.

Also note worthy is this should NOT be considered the “end all, be all” for Apple II to HDMI solutions. This is a low cost stop-gap for your retro needs till ReActiveMicro can complete their HDMI Adapter project. Users will find this solution decent, but will pale in comparison to any retro platform specific solution ReActiveMicro offers in the future.

Read more about the 12″ LCD Display on our Wiki.

Manuals and Support are there also.

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Weight4.65 lbs
Dimensions12 × 3 × 14 in


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