New Stock: Mockingboard v2.2, And Other Presales

New stock has arrived for the Mockingboard, and it’s a new version too! v2.2 has a minor change and a fix as described in detail on our Mockingboard Wiki page: The Mockingboard v2.2 is a 6 voice sound stereo music and sound synthesizer card. Comes assembled or in kit form. There is room for […]

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KFEST ATTENDEES SAVE 10% plus all shipping costs on prepaid orders to be hand delivered at the show. Coupon Code: KFEST2018 Note: Coupon only good for KFEST attendees, or for pickup at KFEST. During checkout be sure to select “KFEST / Local Pickup” to have shipping charges waived. PREORDER YOUR KITS NOW FOR SOLDERFEST! […]

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MicroDrive/Turbo Sale

This sale is for a limited addition MicroDrive/Turbo which has been accidently signed by Henry from ReActiveMicro. Since he has defaced the cards with his less than worthless signature, the price has been lowered with the hope the cards will sell. The sharpie can probably be removed with alcohol and a Q-Tip which will help […]

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