CFFA3000 v1.0 Rev C-RM for II, II+, ///, IIe, and IIgs


This is the CFFA3000 v1.0 Rev C-RM built by ReActiveMicro under license from R&D Automation.

ReActiveMicro is an authorized dealer and partner with R&D Automation in an effort to help bring more great products to the Apple II Community. If we back another vendor’s product you know it’s of the highest quality and can be trusted.

The CFFA3000 v1.0 Rev C-RM Controller is a Mass Storage Device and Floppy Emulator that once installed in your Apple II system acts like a solid-state Hard Drive using Compact Flash Cards and USB Flash Drives. Floppy Emulation allows users to load .PO images as if they were physical disk. See the manual for more details. There is also discussion about adding .WOZ support, and we will post updates if/when it happens.

Comes with CF Card as pictured, and with Remote option standard. Manual can be found here for review.

Plug and play ready, and fully tested. Comes started with **256MB** CF Card, preloaded with several ProDOS 8 volumes with games and utilities, and several GS/OS volumes. You can select which one to boot using the on-board firmware menu (press “M” key on power up).

In stock (can be backordered)

Additional information

Weight.6 lbs
Dimensions8 × 5 × 2 in


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