Terms and Conditions

ReActiveMicro Terms and Conditions: Users and Customers AGREE to the following by visiting the RM Store and/or placing an order.

  1. ALL USA/domestic sales are final.
    That being said, we don’t want anyone to be “stuck” with an item they aren’t satisfied with. Please do not rush in making a decision, and contact Support if needed for additional information to help ensure your selection is the best fit for your needs.
  2. ALL International sales are final.
    No returns or refunds for shipping for any reason – including lost shipments. Buy assumes ALL responsibilities.
    That being said, Sales will offer to work with you in all situations. If any issues arise, contact us to see how we might be able to help. We can work with you, if you are willing to work with us. ReActiveMicro endeavors to help support the international Community, however we can’t take on all burdens and risks as we can with domestic sales. You understanding and cooperation in this matter is appreciated.
  3. Warranty Is Up To Our Discretion (generally lifetime, but varies on customer’s disposition and attitude): If you have an issue for whatever reason, or would like to make a return please contact Sales to review your options and so we can work directly with you.
    Please be sure to provide us your Order Number. You can return the purchased item for exchange of the exact same item due to DOA or failure of the product within the first 30 days. The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. If your product fails within the warranty period, you can contact Support for further assistance and how best to proceed. Please note that the warranty does not cover any damage caused by misuse, accidents, or unauthorized repairs. To claim warranty, you may need to provide proof of purchase such as a receipt or order number. We are generally VERY liberal with warranty and supporting those who have supported us. Please be reasonable and patient, and we will all be happier in the end.
  4. We reserve all rights to sell, process, cancel, or refund an order from anyone, for any reason, and at any time.
    If we refuse service and cancel an order, then it will be refunded using the original payment source.
  5. Refunds are usually issued in RM Store credit which can be used toward new purchases.
    Refunds are ALWAYS the invoice amount, minus any purchased shipping labels, and minus all payment processing fees. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  6. You can and WILL be blacklisted from all purchasing privileges in perpetuity for any of the following:
    • Not strictly abiding to these terms and conditions – NO EXCEPTIONS
    • Circumventing contacting RM Sales to directly resolve an issue and/or initiating a chargeback
    • Disrespectful, rude, cantankerous, or threatening emails or any communications
    • Public postings, comments, declarations, targeting, or encouraging of;
      libel, slander, defamation, mockery, accusations, attacks, disrespect, discrediting, nonfactual information, wokeness/canceling and/or threats against any or all;
      members of the Community, RM customers, or personnel
    • Any attempt to contact designers, vendors, publishers, reviewers, forums, users, customers, or the like and discourage their interactions with or discredit RM
    • If you are already blacklisted by other vendors
    • If you have been known to, are suspected of, or have been convicted of engaging in prior fraudulent behaviors and activities
    • Reusing RM intellectual property, pictures, trade marks, copyrights, information, or designs and not abiding by the licencing terms and conditions (see RM Wiki for details)
    • Not returning an RMA item when a replacement was sent to you
    • Being generally unreasonable or overly demanding

    If you have been blacklisted then you can always contact Support to ask what can be done to restore your privileges. This usually involves a public apology to those effected, and a statement to try and do better in the future. The only exception is if the blacklisting has come from an external source, then you must address the issue directly with them, and have them update Support in order to be removed.

  7. Buyers agree to arbitration (alternative dispute resolution) in order to all settle legal disputes.
  8. All users of RM items agree to enjoy and have fun in their hobby.
  9. Please understand what we do is a service provided to the Retro Community in order to support users in their hobby. We strive to operate as a business in our efficiency and professionalism. However, there may be times we are busy and fall behind. Your order will be processed as soon as possible, which could be immediately to several days, depending on your order and how currently busy we are. This is hardware for 40 year old computers. There should never need to be a rush for any reason. If there is, then please don’t expect us to rush, or please order from someone else as we make zero guaranties for processing times. We also strive to keep pricing as low as possible and we don’t do what we do for purely profit. On the contrary, we could ask much more than we currently do, but that is not our goal. Your patience and understanding is appreciated, and THANK YOU for working with and supporting us as we work to support you and the Community! And we promise to always do all we can to support you when you support us.

Related Notes: If you would like to report someone to be added to our blacklist, please contact Sales. We endeavor to protect not only ourselves but also the Community as a whole.

  • Stating personal or political opinions, name calling, being made fun of, cyber bullying, hurt feelings, memes, harsh or non-politically correct language, protests, affiliations, and/or;
    direct or indirect support or nonsupport of an opinion, religion, government, military, group, or the like contrary to your own IS NOT grounds for reporting or blacklisting, and may result with your own information being added to the blacklist.
  • As stated above, if you attempt to threaten someone with reporting them for blacklisting, or attempt to use the blacklist reporting for malicious intent, you can and will be blacklisted.
  • Anonymous reporting is allowed, however we prefer if you use your legal name and your primary contact information as we keep all information private unless we ask permission or you tell us otherwise as we understand this can be a sensitive situation for all parties involved.
  • When reporting, you agree to allow RM, its employees, representatives, and lawyers to contact and confirm your identity with your ISP and/or finical institutions.
  • Sorry, we can not officially state if someone other than yourself is currently on the blacklist and why unless you are a vendor or designer. Please don’t ask otherwise.
  • Yes, we Actively share our blacklist information within the vendor and designer Community in order to help protect everyone and the Community.

These Terms and Conditions can change at any time, and for any reason, and the currently published version supersede all others.

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