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Do you have an AE TransWarp GS and want to have it upgraded by the knowledgeable people of ReActiveMicro? This is now your chance!

Since 2006 we have offered parts and upgrades for the TransWarp GS. More cautious users will contact us and request to send in their boards to be professionally upgraded or repaired. Now you can simply select and pay for this service. Once purchased you will receive an update email with the best shipping address to send your board.

We replace your CPU with a modern WDC 14Mhz unit. The Cache Card is also replaced if needed, and upgraded to 32k. We replace or reprogram GALs as needed. A new oscillator is installed with the goal of 16MHz being reached and stable*. Weak ICs are hunted down and replaced as required (some limits apply**). New power filter capacitors are installed to replace the old dry ones which helps with general stability. A cooling fan is connected to the card for 16MHz stability. And lastly a new CPU Cable is included with the upgrade as the old one can be unreliable and is easily broken. If you want a trouble-free board and no headaches, this is the only way to go.

*It is not 100% possible to guarantee a top speed. Some cards are stronger than others. The goal however is to break the 10MHz barrier and reach for 16Mhz. Most cards have no issue with this. Some won’t get past 14MHz.
**This is an ‘upgrade service’, not a repair service. If you send of a defective board we most likely won’t be able to fix it AND upgrade it for the same price. We can try however. All boards are first fully tested to confirm they are in good working order. If they are not we will alert you to our findings and discuss repair service costs.
***We also try to leave the board as original as possible. This can mean reusing GALs and even the 32k Cache Card if installed. The concept with the upgrade is to make the board faster and stable with keeping the board as original as possible for the best retro experience.

Tested on the ROM1 and ROM3 IIgs using GS/OS loading from a MicroDrive/Turbo. Plug and play ready out of the box. For best results and stability we highly recommend all users of the TransWarp GS replace their existing old power supply with the new Universal PSU Kit from

Read more about the TransWarp GS on our Wiki.

Reviews and Support are there also.

Note: We keep your old parts unless return requested.

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Weight2 lbs
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