TransWarp GS High Speed 32k Cache Card v7.0


This is a 32k Cache Card designed for the TransWarp GS. ReActiveMicro designed this version specifically with overclocking in mind. High Speed RAMs were used along with a special design to allow for top performance and minimal signal issues. Its top speed has been reported at 20MHz by some users. The typical use 16Mhz, and has been bench tested to 18.75MHz. The design has been refined over the year and it’s currently at v7.0. Comes with v1.8s firmware.

Installation is simple. Just remove your old 8k or 32k Cache Card and install this one in its place. If you have an 8k Card then be sure to cut TC3 and TC4 on the back of the TWGS card in order to use the new 32k Cache Card.

For best results and stability we highly recommend all users of the TransWarp GS replace their existing old power supply with the new Universal PSU Kit from

Read more about the TransWarp GS on our Wiki.

Reviews and Support are there also.

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Weight.2 lbs
Dimensions3 × 3 × 2 in


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