TransWarp GS


This is a PRESALE for the TransWarp GS v1.0 from Expected delivery is mid-July however it may run late and your patience and understanding is appreciated.

For best results and stability we highly recommend all users of the TransWarp GS v1.0 replace their existing old power supply with the new Universal PSU Kit from

TransWarp GS v1.0 is a clone of the AE TransWarp GS which has been upgraded to run at 16MHz. In most cases the board is able to be overclocked however little return in processing power is achieved and usually at the cost of stability. Your results may vary depending on power supply and IIgs.

Fully compatible and tested on the IIgs ROM1 and ROM3. Plug and play ready out of the box. Comes standard with 32k Cache, 14MHz CPU, high speed GALs, cooling fan, and new CPU Cable.

Read more about the TransWarp GS on our Wiki.

Reviews and Support are there also.


Note: Previous buyers who supported us in the research phase of the project of the TransWarp GS v1.0 from are entitled to a discount. Please contact Support for details.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 5 x 3 in


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