TransWarp GS High Speed Upgrade GAL Set


This is a set of High Speed Lattice GALs for the TransWarp GS. GAL #1 and #2 are the main ICs needed for over-clocking. We discuss the reasons behind only these two GALs needing replacement and the upgrade process on our Wiki page.

Read more about the TransWarp GS Accelerator on our Wiki.

Guide, Software, and Support are there also.

If you haven’t fully rebuilt or replaced your power supply with a Universal PSU Kit then we HIGHLY recommend doing so before using or upgrading your TransWarp GS card.

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For those who are looking to push your board as far as possible, this upgrade is for you! The set comes with two High Speed GALs, labeled, and already programed with the latest revisions to allow your TransWarp GS to run as fast as possible.

Note that each GAL is new, among the fastest speed grade that Lattice offers, uses much less current, and produce much less noise and heat then their version ‘A’ predecessors that AE used. Each GAL is ‘unsecured’ so they can be read or copied.

We have also compiled a guide to help you in over-clocking your TWGS which can be found here:

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