MicroDrive/Turbo Image Tool For The MAC

Step aside CiderPress, a new tool is being developed for the MAC by Jon Lasser. For a long time now MAC users have struggled in dealing with ProDOS formatted CF Card. Yes, you can use CiderPress assuming you can navigate its non-intuitive UI commands and menus. That is IF you can get CiderPress to run […]

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RM Wiki: Apple II Media Vault Page

We’re glad to announce a member of the retro Community has taken advantage of the ReActiveMicro Wiki’s openness to create a new page for Apple related wallpapers, remastered manuals, and other media related items. It’s well worth a look. We’re also in the process of sourcing a company to help us offer posters. If you […]

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Project Update: No-Slot Clock

An older project is about to make a comeback. The ReActiveMicro No-Slot Clock is currently being tested and a new design being refined. We’re currently looking for someone with a IIc which has a RAM Card installed. We would like to confirm the height of the No-Slot Clock once installed in the IIc. Please contact […]

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Project Update: IIgs Accelerator

It’s been a while since we posted an update about our IIgs accelerator project. So here’s some recent good news. Before we get to the update we wanted to ask for help from the Community. Those ‘power users’ of the TransWarp GS (TWGS) accelerator are asked to contact us. We have recreated the GALs on […]

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New Stock Arrived – Phasor v1.0

New stock has arrived for the Phasor v1.0! All backorders have started shipping. If you ordered a Phasor it may already be waiting for you in your mailbox! The Phasor v1.0 is a 12 voice sound stereo music and sound synthesizer designed by AE and reproduced by ReActiveMicro. It’s a clone of the legendary and […]

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