New Store Item – A2FPGA Multicard. HDMI video and sound for the Apple II, II+, //e, and IIgs!

We’re glad to announce a new item in the ReActiveMicro Store:
A2FPGA Multicard – HDMI video and sound for the Apple II, II+, //e, and IIgs!

The A2FPGA Milticard consists of an Apple II peripheral card PCB that can be installed in any Apple II slot (slot-7 recommended). 480p HDMI display as well a providing the functionality of a number of popular peripheral cards in a single Apple II slot. The A2FPGA has been tested with Apple II, II+, //e, and IIgs models.

**The A2FPGA is fully DMA compliant and cards such as the MicroDrive/Turbo do work with DMA mode enabled.**

Basic functionality provided:
720×480 HDMI output supporting all Apple II, //e, & IIgs display modes
Mockingboard sound compatibility
Both Apple II system audio AND Mockingboard audio are output to your HDMI display’s speakers
Synetix SuperSprite and Ciarcia EZ-Color TMS9918a compatibility

The A2FPGA firmware is easily updated on any PC or Mac and is based on open-source code so that new functionality and bug fixes from the developer community can be added over time.


Available now starting at only $199.99. PRESALE – Stock should arrive later this week and start shipping by Friday (or sooner)!

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