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We’re glad to announce a new item in the ReActiveMicro Store:
ROMXc+ for Apple IIc+ from


ROMX+ is an in-system programmable device that replaces the system ROM’s (D0-F8) and optionally, the Video ROM in your Apple II or II Plus computer. It stores up to 15 ROM images, and presents them for selection via an on-screen menu system. In addition, the menu system itself (the ROMX firmware) is updateable in-system. The ROMX+ comes standard with an on-board clock (backup battery included).

What do we mean by In-System Programmable? This simply means that you can re-program ROMX with your own ROM images and updates without removing the device from your computer, and without need for an external IC Programmer. Uploading of new ROM images is done through either the ROMX boot menu, or by running the ROMX.DISK utility from the ROMX floppy disk image. The firmware image is also upgradeable using the same process. Since the ROMX+ emulates the INTCXROM softswitch of the IIe and later machines, it can have up to 32K of ROM available in each image. This also allows ROMX+ to use many of the same images available for the ROMXc, ROMXe, and ROMXc+.

The optional ROMX video ROM with ROM-Link cable has 16 text ROMs (fonts) that can be selected from the ROMX menu or also associated with a specific system ROM. The ROMX+ is preloaded with a number of ROM images including several Integer and Applesoft images, basic diagnostics, and applications such as COPY II Plus and Choplifter. You can also turn on the computer and immediately have DOS 3.3 or ProDOS loaded from ROM.

Hardware Requirements: ROMX+ will work in any Apple II or II Plus. It will also work with many Apple II clones. It requires at least 32K of RAM but works best with 64K. It can work without any of the standard D0-F8 System ROMs installed (although they can be left in if desired).

Available now starting at only $79.99. PRESALE – Stock should arrive in 30 days.

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