Unified Retro Keyboard for Apple II and Replica 1


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This is the Unified Retro Keyboard for Apple II and Replica 1  designed by Dave from osiweb.org.

ReActiveMicro is an authorized partner in an effort to help bring more great products to the Apple II Community. If we back another designer’s product you know it’s of the highest quality and can be trusted.

This Unified Retro Keyboard is a 2-in-1 replacement keyboard for the Apple II and II Plus, and can also be used on the Replica 1 in ASCII mode. Tired of your original 40 year old keyboard not working well when you want to use it? Now you can replace it with a new retro looking option which will last you another 40 years without issues like stuck or absent keys.

Options are assembled or in kit form which you solder together. Comes with an encoder, and a new connection ribbon cable as pictured. Uses high quality Cherry MX key switches.

Assembly guide and notes: https://github.com/osiweb/unified_retro_keyboard/wiki/apple-ii-notes
Assembly video and discussion: https://youtu.be/LShPrPoK4dI

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Additional information

Weight1.8 lbs
Dimensions14 × 7 × 4 in
Assembled or Kit?

Assembled, Kit


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