Apple II Prototyping Board from Glitchworks

This is the Apple II Prototyping Board from Glitchworks.

ReActiveMicro is now an Authorized Dealer and Partner with Glitchworks in an effort to help bring more great products to the Apple II Community. If we back another vendor's product, you know it's of the highest quality and can be trusted.


These boards were developed for internal projects and have been used in several Apple II and clone variants. It's new made, high quality protoboard with the following features:

  • Standard 0.062″ thickness FR4 substrate
  • Selective hard gold plated edge connector (much thicker than ENIG) for long life
  • 45 degree edge chamfer for easier card insertion
  • HASL surface finish with leaded solder
  • Holes sized to accommodate up to 2 Watt resistor leads (allows for inserting multiple wires)
  • Edge connector pins brought up to 2×25 0.1″ spaced header pads
  • Suitable for point-to-point or wire wrap construction
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