SSI-263 Speech IC – Mockingboard and Phasor


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This is the Votrax SSI-263 Speech IC. You will receive the equivalent 78A263A from the early-mid 90’s. These ICs are very rare now, and this is the best we can do with inventory and pricing. If this item is not able to be added to cart this means we are OUT OF STOCK. New stock will be added as we can source good units.

Other names are:
Silicon Systems SSI-263A
Silicon Systems SSI-263AP
Semtech SSI 263-2-2
Votrax SC-02
Artic 263
TDK 78A263A
TDK 78A263A-P

IC is 24 pins, 600mils wide, 5v. Installing the IC backwards WILL destroy it. The IC has been fully tested, and comes with no warranty. Due to age, we can not warranty how long it should last or work correctly.

This IC can be installed on the Mockingboard and Phasor sound cards and produce extraordinary sound effects and human-like speech. This is how the IC was tested. You can replicate testing using the sound card’s Demo Disk to locally test and use the IC.

**IC pictured is for display purposes and you will receive the equivalent TDK branded 78A263A speech IC.** All ICs are the same internally. Votrax’s tech (die) stock was sold off to different companies over the years, and they produced (encapsulated) ICs under their brands.

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