Apple II Plus, Rev 7 RFI Motherboard


The Apple II Plus, Rev 7 RFI project is offered in several options. As kit or assembled, with all ICs, DRAM, and ROMs. It is designed to be a replacement motherboard for your existing Apple II and II Plus. It’s an exact clone of the last revision Apple made, which includes all fixes and mods as well as RFI reduction enhancements. It has the best video, color palette, and was the most standard design of all revisions.

The concept for this project is allow users to retire their existing Apple II/Plus board and rely on this new board for a modern, rock solid replacement while maintaining that original look and feel. It’s much simpler and less time consuming than a rebuild or to hunt for issues with your old board. And the high quality parts and sockets means this new motherboard will last at least another 40 years without issues. No more worry about intermittent issues from month to month.

This new motherboard also uses the correct retro sockets at the Game Port, DRAM E3, and the Keyboard. Without these older white socket some devices will not be able to mate correctly with the board.

All parts have been fully tested to help provide a simple plug-and-play experience. This board is also useful as a ‘known good starting point”. If you want to repair your original motherboard, then you can start with this motherboard and test each part to help identify the problem ICs or sockets. For those who rebuild systems or want to, this is a huge time-saving advantage.

NOTE: All motherboards use a 27-series Video ROM, and not the early 25-series ROM. Also noteworthy, the “COLOR TRIM” has been ‘hard set’ with a fixed value cap (as with the IIe) and is not adjustable. However an adjustable capacitor can be simply installed if desired.

Read more about the Apple II Plus, Rev 7 RFI Motherboard and the ROMX on our Wiki.

Manuals and Support are there also.

Additional information

Weight3.1 lbs
Dimensions12.375 × 3 × 15.25 in

Kit, Assembled


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