New Stock Arrived – Phasor v1.0

New stock has arrived for the Phasor v1.0!

All backorders have started shipping. If you ordered a Phasor it may already be waiting for you in your mailbox!

The Phasor v1.0 is a 12 voice sound stereo music and sound synthesizer designed by AE and reproduced by ReActiveMicro. It’s a clone of the legendary and rare AE sound card.

It 12 voices which is TWICE as much as the Mockingboard. The Phasor can also emulate the Mockingboard for full backwards compatibility. Now you’ll finally be able to hear everything you’ve been missing in your favorite video games. Some products that use the Phasor (or Phasor set to Mockingboard mode) include Ultima III, Ultima IV, Ultima V, Sky Fox, Wiley Byte, Thunder Bombs, Lancaster, Under Fire, Music Construction Set, GuitarMaster, and Music Star.

Available and shipping now for only $75 for kit, or $95 fully assembled.

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