USB Female to PS/2 Male Keyboard Adapter

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This USB Female to PS/2 Male Keyboard adapter allows most standard USB keyboards to be used on the Replica 1 Plus.

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Weight0.0625 lbs
Dimensions2 × 1 × 1 in

1 review for USB Female to PS/2 Male Keyboard Adapter

  1. Michael Watts (verified owner)

    It never worked for me.
    I tried a late model keyboard and an older one.
    The older one I know works with another active USB to PS/2 converter on the replica one.

    Then again it does depend on the keyboard I guess I just have never got those little converters working at all. This one has a mouse on the side I know traditionally it should be purple for a keyboard and have a keyboard on the side. I have no idea if there is a wiring difference between the two however. This one is green and has the mouse on the side.

    I would be interested in a 60% mechanical keyboard that does work with this however. USB to PS/2 conversion is tricky stuff. Vince Breil who made the replica one is finishing off a USB to PS/2 converter in his spare time and said to me he may see if ReActiveMicro may take it on board when he is finished. That would be nice. I have seen that running on his Apple 2 Demo with it. He is just finishing it off at present.

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