This is the SNES MAX Cable by Lukazi’s Loot. It supports both wired and wireless gamepads. For IIe and IIgs.

ReActiveMicro is an authorized dealer and partner with Lukazi’s Loot in an effort to help bring more great products to the Apple II Community. If we back another vendor’s product you know it’s of the highest quality and can be trusted.

Get the maximum gameplay experience by using SNES controllers. All 12 controller pushbuttons are supported.

Perfect for playing the new Apple II game “Attack of the PETSCII Robots”, and perfect for developers creating new games requiring more than movement with 2 buttons. Does not emulate an Apple II joystick. “Attack of the PETSCII Robots” only supports one SNES controller but for future usage each adapter board supports two SNES controllers. SNES controllers sold separately. Analog functions not supported on wireless adapters. You can read more about the adapters on Lukazi’s Loot blog:

Comes with card and two cables, as pictured. Does not come with game pads.

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Weight1.0 lbs
Dimensions6 × 4 × 3 in


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