Replacement Filter Capacitor For Apple II Power Supply


The compact film capacitor is rated in the nano Farad range (0.1uF – 0.068uF), and at least up to 275VAC. Size 0.70″ wide 0.67″ tall x 0.32″ thick. Has radial leads. It's slightly smaller than some caps used on the older power supplies, but should fit with little issue. It fits all newer power supplies perfectly.

This capacitor is most likely to need replacing due to age or damage, and if not replaced tends to fail with lots of smoke.

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Filter capacitors are used for the filtering of undesirable frequencies. It protects in several ways such as suppressing harmonics of the (variable) switching frequency from exiting of the supply. More importantly it protects the supply’s diode bridge from fast transients on the line caused by switching inductive loads or lightning.

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Weight 0.015625 lbs
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