ReActiveMicro Drive/Turbo – II, II+, and IIe Firmware


This is the II, II+, and IIe firmware for the MicroDrive/Turbo IDE Controller. It can work with a 6502 or 65C02 CPU, enhanced or unenhanced IIe.

You will need a special tool (or paperclip/small screwdriver) to remove the ROM (upper right on the pic). Although possible to use the II firmware in both the II’s and IIgs we would recommend a separate Turbo for each (discount available for more than one board) as the IIgs firmware is MUCH faster. The II firmware however allows for more flexibility – if needed.

NOTE: If you bought your MicroDrive/Turbo or firmware upgrade BEFORE September, 2019 then you can benefit from this update if you want to use your card in a II, II+, or unenhanced IIe. If you have access to an IC Programmer you can also burn your own ROM. Visit the RM Wiki page for the new firmware file.

We also sell the IIe Enhancement Kit incase your IIe is unenhanced.

Read more about the ReActiveMicro Drive/Turbo on our Wiki.

Reviews, Manual, and Support are there also.

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