Project Update – CFFA: .WOZ Support Project (firmware)

Project Update – CFFA: .WOZ Support Project (firmware)

Hey, programmers! Looking for a fun project for the fall? Interested in directly helping the Community in a tangible and recognizable way? Want to work on a notable project and get paid at the same time? ReActiveMicro has an interesting project for you!

Rich Dreher has been reviewing the .WOZ file spec and is interested in updating the current CFFA 3000 project to support it. However he is busy with life and have asked ReActiveMicro to assist by finding others who may be willing to help. This would be a firmware rewrite and provided as a free update for the Community. We could also look into updating the main ICs to something more current and obtainable during this time of IC shortages.

If you’re interested in assisting with the update and bringing a much needed and desired feature to the Community, directly helping the thousands who already use and own the CFFA project, please contact Support. This would also be a paying gig from ReActiveMicro. Contact us for details and to review the project scope and spec.

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