New Store Item – SNES MAX from Lukazi’s Loot

We’re glad to announce a new item in the ReActiveMicro Store:
SNES MAX for Apple IIe and IIgs from Lukazi’s Loot.

The SNES MAX by Lukazi’s Loot comes in two options, cable and socket. It supports both Super Nintendo Entertainment System wired and wireless gamepads.

The cards allow a gamepad to be connected to your Apple II system. The socket version of the card allows for internal connection of the gamepad, where the cable version of the card comes with an adapter cable for external connections.

Perfect for playing the new Apple II game “Attack of the PETSCII Robots”, and perfect for developers creating new games requiring more than movement with 2 buttons. Does not emulate an Apple II joystick.

You can read more about the adapters on Lukazi’s Loot blog:

Available now! Starting at $48 fully assembled.

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