New Store Item – 4GS RAM Card from Briel Computers

We’re glad to announce a new item in the ReActiveMicro Store:
4GS RAM Card from Briel Computers

The 4GS RAM Card from Briel Computers adds 4Meg of RAM to your ROM1 or ROM3 Apple IIgs system. Fully compatible with a TransWarp GS or ZIP-GSX accelerator unlike other RAM Cards. Direct Memory Access (DMA) fully supported.

The 4GS RAM Card comes in kit form for those who want the true homebrew retro computer experience, or fully assembled for those who just want to plug-and-play.

100% Retro Compliant: This project only uses parts originally available from the era of the Apple IIgs. If you want the look, function, and experience from the late 1980’s, this is the card for you!

Available now for only $58 for kit, or $65 fully assembled.


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