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New Partnership and New Store Item – Apple II Rev 0 Motherboard

We’re glad to announce another hobbyist has selected ReActiveMicro to help bring their projects to the Community.

Logan Greer is a new member to the Retro Community, 15 years old student, and has taken an interest in Mike Willegal’s Apple II Rev 0 project in an effort to better understand electronics and the Apple II platform. He decided to build his own Rev 0 using Willegal’s project files, and in the process offer the extra PCBs to the Community. After dealing with a few sales on his own he asked ReActiveMicro for some assistance.

You can now find blank Rev 0 PCBs in the ReActiveMicro Store for the price of $40.

Logan also plans to offer kits once he can fully test and confirm a modern Bill of Materials (BOM). And he will be updating the Wiki page with the BOM and other information as time permits. This is an on-going project, and we look forward to seeing what comes of Logan’s experiences and research!

ReActiveMicro also offers a full range of parts to help support your own Rev 0 project. We sell ROMs and Power Supplies, also UltraWarp accelerators for those looking for speed, and even a II Cooler for extra air movement and convenient power control. Be sure to checkout all the items ReActiveMicro offers for your II and II+ systems!

And as always, be sure to check out our Wiki for more information on projects or for support. And be sure to subscribe to our news feed to be the first to know about our next release!

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