Authorized Dealer/Partner with Briel Computers and New Store Item

We’re glad to announce a new company has been added to the ReActiveMicro lineup, and a big warm welcome to Briel Computers!

ReActiveMicro is now an Authorized Dealer and Partner with Briel Computers in an effort to continue to bring great products to the Apple II Community.  There may even be some collaborative projects in the future between the two hardware designers.

Briel Computers is known for great projects like the Replica 1 which is now available from the ReActiveMicro Store.  We also working on releasing other Briel Computer projects in the future.

ReActiveMicro was Briel Computers’s first choice as Authorized Dealer and Partner since they are the most experienced and longest lived Apple II vendor currently active in the Apple II Community.  2018 marks the 13th year since ReActiveMicro has opened its doors for business.  Briel Computers wanted to make sure their past products continue to be available to the Community at scale, and ReActiveMicro has a proven track record of being able to ship quickly, resolve support issues, and handle all facets of business logistics.  Partners with ReActiveMicro no longer need to worry about the daily business chores and can go back to doing what they do best – design and project improvement.


New Store Item: The Replica 1 Plus from Briel Computers.

The Replica 1 Plus comes assembled, or in kit form for those who want the true 1976 homebrew computer experience. It is an exact duplicate of the famous first computer by Apple Computer, designed by Steve Wozniak.

Can’t afford an actual Apple 1? Now’s your chance to own a logically exact copy. Anything you can do on an actual Apple 1 you can do on the Replica 1 Plus. Want the old keyboard feel? No problem! You can even connect an ASCII keyboard to the Replica 1 Plus and enter code and commands.

Power is supplied by a 1 amp Micro USB charger, which most users will have already. If not, that’s ok too, we stock one. Video is standard Composite output. Connect to your Apple II monitor, or to your TV using an RF Modulator. Keyboard can be PS/2, USB using an adapter, or ASCII.

Only $199.99 for assembled version, and $150 for the kit version!

And as always, be sure to check out our Wiki for more information on projects or for support. And be sure to subscribe to our news feed to be the first to know about our next release!

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