II or II Plus Replacement IC


We now offer the standard LS-series replacement ICs for your II and II Plus motherboard. The nonLS-series ICs, like ROMs and CPU, are listed in the II & II+ category and NOT here.

Most users find it much simpler and more convenient to order those few needed replacement or backup ICs from us compared to larger companies. Since most users don’t require bulk supplies, this is the better option. However ICs can be much cheaper in larger qualities or bulk from places like DigiKey or Mouser.

Each selection is for ONE IC. Some ICs are used in more than once location. If you need more than one IC then please select that item quality.

Note: ICs are new and current manufacture produced. These are NOT old, pulls, or previously used items. Also please note the more

Order two or more and receive a bulk discount!

Additional information

Weight.125 lbs
Dimensions2 × 1 × 1 in
Replacement IC

74LS00 (A2), 74LS166 (A3), 74LS257 (A8,B6-7,C12,J1), 74LS151 (A9), 74LS194 (A10,B4,B9), 74LS74 (A11,B10,J13), 74LS02 (A12,A14,B13-14), NE555 (A13,B3), 74LS175 (B1), 74LS86 (B2), 74LS174 (B5,B8), 74LS08 (B11,H1), 74LS11 (B12), 74LS153 (C1,E11-13), 74LS195 (C2), 74LS04 (C11,H11), 74LS51 (C13), 74LS32 (C14), 74LS20 (D2), 74LS161 (D11-14), 74LS283 (E14), 74LS139 (F2), 74LS138 (F12-13,H2,H12), 74LS251 (H14), 74LS125 (used in drives), 74LS259 (drive controllers)

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