New Stock And New Price: Universal PSU Kit for the II, II+, IIe, IIgs, and ///

The Universal PSU Kit is now back in stock – just in time for the Holidays! It’s the perfect solution to protect your Apple from downtime and possible costly repairs due to Power Supply failures by replacing your old PSU with our solution. It’s a very simple to install Kit that replaces your exiting […]

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New Store Item: Firmware ROMs And Upgrade GALs

We’re glad to announce the return of the ROM and GAL programming service from ReActiveMicro. Once again the Apple II Community has a dependable source for Firmware ROMs and Upgrade GALs.  Looking to upgrade that old card or motherboard?  We’ve got you covered! The ROMs and GALs are now for sale in the ReActiveMicro Store.  […]

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New Release: HERO Junior RT-1 Charger Adapter is proud to announce a new release: The HERO Junior RT-1 Charger Adapter in stock and available now in the ReActiveMicro Store! The HERO Junior RT-1 Charger Adapter is a Power Supply replacement designed by The Charger Adapter replaces the old HERO Junior RT-1 AC Power Supply with a new, modern solution for […]

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New Release: The Phasor v1.0beta Clone

The board is now for sale in the ReActiveMicro Store. We had 4 units leftover from KFEST and they are now being offered to the Community. Get yours while there is stock! Officially released during KFEST 2016, The Phasor v1.0beta Clone is the second collaborative effort between Tom Arnold of and Henry from ReActiveMicro.  […]

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