New Store Items: TWGS CPU Cable and II/+ ROM Adapters

We’re glad to announce a few new ReActiveMicro items available to the Apple II Community: TWGS CPU Cable, II/+ ROM Adapters, and Breadboard Adapters. ReActiveMicro has designed several versions of the TransWarp GS CPU Cables over the years, and we saw room for improvement over our old design. As most TransWarp GS owners already know, […]

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New Stock: Universal PSU Kit for the II, II+, IIe, IIgs, and ///

The Universal PSU Kit is now back in stock! It’s the perfect solution to protect your Apple from downtime and possible costly repairs due to Power Supply failures by replacing your old PSU with our solution. It’s a very simple to install Kit that replaces your exiting PSU PCB and reuses your existing metal […]

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