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New Store Item – A2io Bluetooth Game Port Receiver from CraftyMech

We’re glad to announce a new item in the ReActiveMicro Store:
A2io Bluetooth Game Port Receiver from CraftyMech

The A2io Bluetooth Game Port Receiver for your Apple II Systems from CraftyMech, designed by Aaron Reid, works on all Apple II systems with a 9 pin game port. A2io allow you to connect and use a modern wireless game pad as either a joystick, paddle, or pad input device. You pair the game pad with your mobile device (phone/tablet/laptop) and then connect to the A2io installed on you Apple II system. The mobile device acts like a translator between your Apple and game pad.

Manuals, information, and even reviews can be found on CraftyMech’s website http://8bitreality.com.

Comes as pictured. Available now for only $55 fully assembled.

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