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We’re glad to announce a member of the retro Community has taken advantage of the ReActiveMicro Wiki’s openness to create a new page for Apple related wallpapers, remastered manuals, and other media related items. It’s well worth a look. We’re also in the process of sourcing a company to help us offer posters. If you happen to know of a company who can do small runs and doesn’t fear the abandoned Apple logo, please let us know.

All are encouraged to share and repost as you see fit. Linkbacks to the Wiki page are always welcome. And please credit accordingly. I’m looking at you! We like to release things like this without watermarks, and appreciate it when others do the same. Please don’t make us or the artiest regret doing so.

You can also use the RM Wiki to create your own pages as you see fit. We only ask you keep it mostly retro related, but it’s not a firm rule. The concept of the RM Wiki is to allow users to more simply share information with the whole Community so it can be easily found, referenced, and also updated when needed. Gone are the days of old static sites with outdated information (like the RM downloads). This Wiki is alive and changes from week to week. Be involved as you like. Edit a page and share a tip, link to a video, upload a new or better picture, and even link to other sites or material which is related and you believe would be of assistance to others.

Also related to the RM Wiki – A new storage server has been added to the ReActiveMicro online arsenal. We have plans in the works to test ideas for hosting software images, and believe the RM Wiki will be a great platform and second source to other websites such as ASIMOV and Internet Archive. The main advantage being the modern search capabilities, and the ability for users to create and self manage the pages and archives. Users will be able to link to walk-throughs of programs and view them on the Wiki page, share tips and tricks, hold discussions on the talk page, upload artwork, and probably many other things we haven’t even thought of yet. The main advantage however will be one simple dedicated place to find and download retro software.

We will post updates as this project progresses in the coming months.

Unrelated – The new No-Slot Clock design is working flawlessly. And it looks like a limited amount we be released for sale this week, with the main stock arriving about 45 days later.

We will make the official announcement later this week as well as update the RM Wiki page with all the new information and pictures.

And as always, be sure to check out our Wiki for more information on projects or for support. And be sure to subscribe to our news feed to be the first to know about our next release!

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