We’re Back And ReActivated!

As announced at KFEST 2016: ReActiveMicro.com is now fully functional since our return from hiatus in 2014.

One task of our return has been to create a Wiki (ReActiveMicro.com/wiki) which allows us to more easily support and showcase products.  It also allows the users themselves to update or create documentation.  An example would be the page for the MicroDrive/Turbo.  Here you will see a very simply laid out and easy to follow Support section.  No longer will an owner of a MicroDrive/Turbo need to reference old written notes or printouts and deal with the accompanying frustration.  Everything they will need to know on how to setup and use their card is right at their fingertips.

As most know, a Wiki isn’t just a website full of FAQs and details.  It’s something more interactive, dynamic, and alive.  In the ReActiveMicro Wiki there is also a lot of history of past ReActiveMicro projects posted within.  Users are also encouraged to create and add pages as they see fit and now have a very simple option in which they can share their knowledge with the Community – in one convenient place!

The next task of our return has been to update the old website.  A new website with an Active Store is now open to the Community.  A big improvement from the old site is our “News” page.  Users now have the ability to subscribe via RSS or Email to receive announcements as they happen.  No longer are updates confined to facebook alone.  Followers of ReActiveMicro now have a way to hear about product releases before anyone else.  Items are sometimes limited during their initial run, so now you can rest assured you will be first in line!

Our new Store is open now for business!  Lots of new items will be added in the coming week.  These will consists of the newly released Phasor sound card and PC to Apple II Joystick Kits/Adapters.  Some old items will also make a return like our ROM0/1 IIgs Battery Adapters, upgrade ROMs, and DRAM.  In fact most of the items from the old ReActiveMicro Store will be making an appearance.

Be sure to subscribe to our news feed so we can keep you up to date on all the releases in the coming months.  Out next post will be all about those and our planed projects for the coming year.  And as always, if you have any questions or feedback please be sure to post them in the comments or email Support.

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