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128 Meg Compact Flash Card Preloaded - IIe $0.00

This 128 Meg Compact Flash Card is for use with the MicroDrive IDE Controller in an Apple IIe.

Comes partitioned with 4 boot-able ProDOS partitions already patched for use with the No-Slot Clock.  As soon as you receive the Compact Flash card just plug it in and boot!  No setup required.

Software included is ShrinkIt, Copy II+, MicroDrive Utilities, DiskMaker8, DSK2File, DOS.MASTER and different AE Memory Testers.  Pretty much everything you will need to start transferring and unpacking software from the Internet and using your Apple IIe.

Note: Card pictured is for display only and may not represent the actual card you will receive. We are not able to setup Cards for the Focus or CFFA Controller at this time.