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ZIP GSX Logic Socket Upgrade $0.00

This is a service we offer to those users looking to push their ZIP GSX boards as far as possible.  You ship us your ZIP GSX board and we use our Desoldering Station to professionally remove the 74F00 and 74F02 DIPs from the board and solder Machine Pin Sockets in their place.  Since we have a professional Desoldering Station we can assure you that the traces and pads, which are very delicate due to their small size on the ZIP GSX board, will remain intact and in good shape.

This service includes the >DIP Machine Pin Socket Set<.

Once the Sockets are installed we will ship the board and your old chips back to you insured for $250.  We do not need your CPU Cable, but if you want to ship it with your card be sure to use Static Dissipating Foam to help protect the pins of the DIP Plug on the CPU Cable.

NOTE: We are not responsible for lost or damaged boards.  However we do take great care when handling your board when it is in our possession.

Below are some pictures of what a board looks like before, during and after the procedure.