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Mockingboard v1a $0.00

This is the Mockingboard v1a.  It's yet another reproduction of the Mockingboard for the Apple II.  Produced by Tom Arnold the Mockingboard v1a is based on the Mockingboard v1 by  It's an exact clone of a clone.  Since Tom always wanted a Mockingboard and didn't feel like waiting for a new batch to be released he decided to take the initiative and help out by doing all the work himself.  Thanks Tom!  Lucky for us he has decided to share with the Community in his achievement.  Get yours while they last!  Buy one today and put your original away to protect it!

Now you’ll finally be able to hear everything you've been missing in your favorite video games.  Some products that use the Mockingboard v1a include Ultima III, Ultima IV, Ultima V, Sky Fox, Wiley Byte, Thunder Bombs, Lancaster, Under Fire, Music Construction Set, GuitarMaster, and Music Star.

It's based on the Mockingboard A from Sweet Micro Systems.  It's 100% Mockingboard compatible.  We took this classic Apple II device, modernized it, and add a few useful extras.  First, we added a 3.5MM Audio Jack to allow easy connection to a Sound System, Head Phones, or to any standard amplified Computer Speakers.  Also added is a Computer Speaker input which connects to the Motherboard of the Apple II and eliminates the need for the original internal speaker.  Now you will finally be able to control the volume of your II and IIe!  Every sound, whether it's Computer or Mockingboard related will come though your Sound System or Speakers.  There are also 2 sockets open for the legendary >SSI-263P Speech Synthesizer< or for any add-on developed in the future.

 The Mockingboard v1a Sound Card is a stereo music and sound synthesizer with 6 voices.  Up to 2 units can be installed in an Apple II to give it 12 voices.  Works in any slot, but most programs look for the Mockingboard v1s in slots 4 and 5.  Also works on any Apple II clones, the Apple II, II+, IIe and the IIgs.  Comes with Motherboard to Mockingboard sound cable as shown.  Demo and test software can be downloaded >here<.  A nice .PDF for the board located >here<.

Note: Should you place an order and receive the message 'Out of Stock' that means we DO NOT have are sold out and you will need to wait till more have been produced - which could be several months.