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LittlePower Adapter - II $0.00

This is the LittlePower Adapter board for the Apple II/+.  The Adapter allows a standard ATX Power Supply to be connected to the Apple II/+ without need of any special cables or connectors.  There are no special tools needed and it fits perfectly in to your II/+.  Comes with Power Shunt Jumper and Power Switch.

We don't sell these, but for a very compact solution that fits in the IIe Case we recommend a >120w Pico< or >200w Pico< Power Supply from ><.  See pics below for examples of LittlePower Adapter and 120w Power Supply installed in the IIe.  One note to pay attention to is these Pico ATX Supplys require EXACTLY 12v DC.  If you have a 12v DC Supply (wall wart) that you plan on using then you need to make sure it is at 12v and not 10v or 16v as the Pico Supplys WILL NOT WORK correctly. also sells a 12v DC Supply that works well with their ATX Supplys.  We recommend a 12v Supply with 5 Amps of available power.  Using a 1 Amp Supply may cause issues with your II/+.

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