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PigFont Character Generator $0.00

This is a modified Character Generator ROM for the II/+.  The entire Apple characters have been revised and a few new ones have been added.

[INFO - Kevin Lightner]
The ROM was originally developed for a BBS called the Pig Sty.  It was a very private board inhabited by some of the top crackers and pirates of the day (early to mid 1980's).  The Pig Sty was headed by Mort Goodman in Orange California and was limited to something like 30 members.  Mort was a book binder by trade, but a pirate by hobby.  He'd not only copy the disks, he'd copy the manuals, bind them, etc.  The Pig Font was made by one of the members (The Freeze) if I recall, as a gift for Mort.  There were also various knockoffs of the original PigFont.

The ROM file is also available >HERE< for free if you wish to burn your own.

If your Apple II+ is Revision 7 or later then you will not need the >Apple 2316B ROM Adapter< to use this PigFont ROM.

Thanks go to >Patrick D. Asato< for submitting this unique ROM.