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1Meg x 4 bit DRAM - RAMFast SCSI 1 Meg Cache Upgrade $0.00

RAMFast SCSI 1 Meg Cache Upgrade.  This is a set of two (2) 1 Meg x 4 bit DRAMs.

With this set of DRAMs you can upgrade your 256k Cache card to a full 1 Meg to increase it's performance.

Note: All DRAM chips are fully tested before shipping. It's the users responsibility to observe all static precautions when working with DRAM chips. Static electricity can and will damage chips! DRAM chips MUST also be installed in the correct orientation. Failure to do so will damage the chip. If you have doubts as to your ability to work with or install DRAM chips please send us your RAM board and we will install them free of charge and test the board to ensure functionality. Chip pictured may be different then the one you receive due to NOS limitations but will be 100% compatible.

Info on how to install the RAM and which cards can be upgraded:

18.2  Upgrading to 1Meg of Cache

The Rev D (and beyond) RAMFast/SCSI is upgradeable from 256K of cache to 1Meg of cache. To do the upgrade yourself you will need to order:
Two (2) 1Meg X 4 DRAMs in a 300mil DIP package. The Toshiba part number for these chips is "TC514400AP-10 or -8." Your vendor should be able to convert from this part number to whatever manufacturer's chips they have in stock.

Once you obtain the new memory chips all you need to do is:
- Remove the cover from the computer, lightly touch the metal case of the power supply to discharge any static electricity present in your body.

- Pry the old memory chips (U19 and U20 in the upper right hand corner of the board), out of their sockets with a small flathead screwdriver.

- Put the new chips in the sockets, making sure that the notch on the one end of the chip points to the TOP of the board (same as the old chips) and none of the pins are bent under or out of the socket.


Tip: The manual for the RAMFast SCSI card can be found >HERE<.

If you have any additional tips or info for this product that should be added to this listing please email >Support<.  We of and the Apple II Community thank you!