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RAMCharger Battery $0.00

In a effort to provide products to the Apple II Community at the lowest cost possible we have provided a link to purchase this product directly from the seller.  Since we don't receive any discount that we can pass along you can purchase this item directly and save.  We are not affiliated with the seller in anyway.  The link is: ><.  Should this link change or become broken please let us know so we can update it.  Please do not add this item to your Cart/order as we DO NOT stock it anymore and WILL NOT be able to ship it to you unless you email us and specifically ask us to.  Additional costs and shipping will apply.

This is a NEW compatible battery for AE's RAMCharger. The RAMCharger is a Uninterruptible Battery Backup system specifically designed for the RAMFactor RAM board. It will allow the RAMFactor to retain its contents even when the power is turned off.

>Here< is a link to the RAMFactor's Manual.

>Here< is a link to the RAMCharger's Manual.

TIP: This battery will also work as a replacement for AE's IIGS RamKeeper.

If you have any additional tips or info for this product that should be added to this listing please email >Support<. We of and the Apple II Community thank you!