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CMS SCSI II Card ROM v1-3-90 $0.00

This is the v1-3-90 ROM for the CMS SCSI II Card.  It was the last ROM released for the CMS SCSI II Card.

The ROM file is also available >HERE< for free if you wish to burn your own.

TIP: While multiple partitions can be created, only two of them can ever be mounted at the same time.  The two that you wish to use need to be selected at boot time and can't be changed without rebooting.  Hold down the Apple key during the boot sequence to bring up
the Integrated Control Panel. The volumes can then be selected from there. - Thanks to Andrew Roughan for this tip.

If you have any tips or info for this product that should be added to this listing please email >Support<. We of and the Apple II Community thank you!