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Rev. C ROM for Apple II SCSI Card $0.00

This is the ROM for the Apple II SCSI Card. If you have a Rev. A or Rev. B then you need this ROM!

If you plan on using your Apple II SCSI card in your IIgs and you have ROM A or B GS/OS won't like the card.

This card's nick name is 'The Rev. C SCSI Card', so named after the final ROM version for the card. All previous versions of the Apple II SCSI Card MUST be upgraded to work with current software.

Apple's part numbers for the different ROM's are:
341-0112A is revision A
341-0112B is revision B
341-0437-A is revision C

 The ROM file is also available >HERE< for free if you wish to burn your own.

Tip: Want to know what the original configuration of your Apple II SCSI Card was when it left Apple's factory? Look on the face of the card, on the bottom middle you'll see the Copyright date, 1986. Just to the left of that is Apple's part number for the card, 607-0291-. The final letter of the part number is what the ROM version was.

If you have any additional tips or info for this product that should be added to this listing please email >Support<. We of and the Apple II Community thank you!