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GS-RAM Plus Upgrade GAL - ROM0/1 $0.00

This GAL upgrades your AE GS-RAM Plus card to to work in the ROM0/1 IIgs.

Have you received intermittent memory errors or crashes when using the GS-RAM Plus in your ROM0/1 IIgs?  Chances are you have the '1B' version of the GAL which WILL NOT WORK in the ROM0/1 IIgs.  The GS-RAM Plus card requires this version of the GAL on order to work correctly in the ROM0/1 IIgs.

The GAL JEDEC file is also available >HERE< for free if you wish to burn your own.

Look at the picture below to see where the IC is located and to check what version you have currently installed on your card.  Click on it to see the larger version.  >We also sell memory for the GS-RAM Plus<!