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IIe Enhancement Kit $0.00

This is the Apple IIe Enhancement kit. Come a 65C02 CPU and all the ROM's necessary to upgrade your Apple IIe. Comes standard with the USA version of the Video ROM.

Apple's part number of the Enhanced ROMs:
CD - 342-0304-A
EF - 342-0303-A
USA Video - 342-0265-A

If your CPU has '65C02' or '65C03' printed on it and the numbers of your ROMs match the numbers listed above then your IIe is already Enhanced and you don't need this kit.

Apple's info about the technical benefits of the Apple IIe Enhancement Kit.

(from their Site - start quote)
The Apple IIe Enhancement improves the performance of the Apple IIe by replacing four chips on the main circuit board.

The Enhancement has four major benefits: 1. Apple IIc compatibility: Users can take advantage of software developed for the Apple IIc.

2. Product line consistency: Apple II software can be used on both the Apple IIe and IIc.

3. The MouseText character set makes it easy for developers to create software that uses pull-down menus, windows, and icons.

4. Easier programming for users:
  a. Accepts BASIC commands in both upper- and lowercase
  b. Additional instructions in the 65C02
  c. Mini-assembler for machine language programs.

The Apple IIe Enhancement Kit - Apple's part number: A2M2052
(end quote - Thank you Apple for letting us use that text.)

We also offer the Dual Character Generator Adapter for the IIe if you would like to run your IIe with the option of two different versions of the Video ROM selectable on the fly.

Please note that we offer a variety of Video ROM's such as USA, German and ReactiveText. We can also burn a copy of any custom file you supply to us at no additional charge. Please contact >Support< if you would like a character set other then USA.

The ROM file is also available >HERE< for free if you wish to burn your own.

If you have any other versions of the Video ROM please email Support the files as we would like to offer as many options to the Apple II community as possible.

Chips pictured may be different then the one you receive due to NOS limitations but will be 100% compatible.