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No-Slot Clock for the IIe, IIc, IIc+ or Laser 128 $0.00

The No-Slot Clock is a 'chip like' device that is installed in the IIe, IIc, IIc+ or Laser 128 and keeps the time and date.  It can also be used in the Apple II+, Franklin ACE 1000 or other Apple II clone with expansion slots (as long as there is a peripheral card with a 28 pin ROM on board) and some IBM PC's.


The No Slot Clock is ProDOS compatible when its driver is patched to ProDOS and loaded during the boot process. The patch works by replaces some code in ProDOS to make it think there is a ThunderClock-like card installed and will automatically time and date stamp all disk activity. Some applications like AppleWorks will utilize the clock without any modifications. Copy II+ will automatically recognize that a clock is installed and bypass the ?Please Enter Date? screens.


Please note that the No-Slot Clock will not fit in a IIc with a Memory Expansion Card installed.


Comes with 5.25" driver disk for the Apple.  No software is available from for the IBM.