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Dual Character Generator Adapter for the IIe $0.00

This ingenious little device is the Dual Character Generator Adapter.  Once installed into the IIe Video ROM socket it allows you to instantly switch between two different Character sets.  No special configuration, software or tools needed.

The Dual Character Generator Adapter works with all Apple IIe's, Enhanced and Un-Enhanced.  It can be used with either a Jumper or the >Dual Adapter Switch<.  The Adapter works by toggling the most significant address line of the ROM.  The ROM in the Adapter is twice the normal size of the ROM that is normally in the IIe.  We load each 'half' of the available space of the ROM with the files of your choice.  The Jumper or >Dual Adapter Switch< toggles the most significant address line and switches between each 'half' of the ROM.  Think Binary - The normal ROM is 000 to 111 and our Adapter 'adds' another 0.  The Adapter toggles the address from 0000 to 1000 - the first digit being the most significant .  The IIe never knows the difference and the Adapter can be used even when the computer is on!

Now you'll finally be able to view older Apple IIe software in your Platinum IIe or vice-versa.

We will burn the ROM configuration of your choosing free of charge.  The Adapter ROM comes loaded by defautl with Enhanced and Un-Enhanced,  but you also have the choice of German, ReactiveText or send us your own character set!  You can also download a Character Designer Software program to allow you to make your own characters and MouseText, or for a real challenge edit them in manually in HEX.  Please leave a note when your order this Adapter to clarify which two character sets you would like the ROM to contain if different then the default of Enhanced/Un-Enhanced.

There is no charge for ReactiveText or ANY of the character sets mentioned above.  ReactiveText was a character set made by our very own Henry S. Courbis back in 1989.  An avid BBSer, he was frustrated that there was a difference in MouseText versions between the Apple IIe and IIgs.  Most of the MouseText BBSes were written for the IIgs and didn't "look" right on the IIe.  Henry, sensing an opportunity to help the Apple II Community set out to edit and "fix" the IIe's MouseText.  Once completed, he also edited the letter characters to be more pleasing to the eye.  The Apple IIe has never looked so good!

The ROM files are also available >HERE< for free if you wish to burn your own.

The Dual Character Generator Adapter is designed by Bill Garber of >GarberStreet Enterprises< and is the person responsible for bringing this item to production.

If you have a character set not mentioned above PLEASE contact >Support< and email us the file so we can offer it the Apple II Community.  Thank you!