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65C02S, 14 MHz, DIP CPU $0.00

Wester Design Center's 65C02S, 14 MHz, DIP CPU.  This is the 14 MHz version of the legendary 65C02 CPU.

Looking to mod your Apple IIc+?  This CPU is a must!  Want to keep a spare CPU on hand or to experiment with?  Now here's your chance!  Our Site is the perfect place from which to order small quantities of CPU's.

Please note that due to limitations of the Apple II/+/c/e just plugging in this CPU WILL NOT speed up your computer.  This CPU is also 'Pin Compatible' according to WDC.  "The W65C02S is mostly pin compatible by cutting the trace to pin 1 and adding a pull-up resistor to pin 36." - WDC Website.  >Data Sheet for WDC 65C02S<.  The CPU comes standard with an Adapter to allow it to work with older 65C02 platforms.

Below are pictures of the Adapter.