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TransWarp GS CPU Cable $0.00

This is the replacement CPU cable for the TransWarp GS accelerator board for the IIgs.  It's designed for the TransWarp GS to operate in Slot 3.  If you need a Cable to allow the board to fit in a Slot other then 3 please leave a note when placing your order.

Note: CPU Cables for Slots other then 3 run the risk of signal loss.  Order longer cables at your own risk.  Also note that there is a difference between the ZIP GSX and TransWarp GS CPU Cables.  Please make sure to order the correct one as damage to your Board and IIgs may occur if you use the wrong Cable.  You can note the TransWarp GS CPU cable difference in the larger picture.  The ribbon cable it 'twisted' on the left side as it enters the 40 pin IDC Connector.