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TransWarp GS High Speed GAL Set $0.00

This is a set of High Speed Lattice GALs for the TransWarp GS.  For those who are looking to reduce heat and noise or push your board as far as possible, this upgrade is for you!  The set comes with all eight High Speed GALs.

Note that each GAL is the fastest that Lattice makes.  Both the GAL16V8D and the GAL20V8B are 7ns.  Each of these GALs are not only faster but also use much less current, produce much less noise and heat then their version 'A' predecessors that AE used.  Each GAL is 'unsecured' so they can be read or copied.  The GAL JEDEC files are also available >HERE< for free if you wish to burn your own.

We have also compiled a guide to help you in over-clocking your TWGS >HERE<.

Note: After much testing we have concluded that the TransWarp GS High Speed GAL Set will allow for a respectable speed increase.  How much depends on many factors such as how good is your electrical power and how 'noisy' your IIgs Motherboard is.  Our test system was on a Line Conditioner, used a 200w >LittlePower Power Supply<, a >SHH Systeme 32k Cache Card<, a >MicroDrive/Turbo< and a set of High Speed GAL's.

Here's a reference picture as to the locations of the GAL's on the TransWarp GS.